Furs and Fevers

Furs and Fevers - Front CoverWhen Dominique Rousseau loses his international fur trade company in court, he is left with only a license to trade face to face with Pierre Moran’s band of Pottawatomi in northcentral Indiana. Will he regain his fortune? Will he find the girl of his dreams?

“Don’t mistake this for dry history! Furs and Fevers offers the reader a view into a long lost and mostly forgotten world—a world where indigenous tribes interact with French-Canadian trappers and traders while their way of life is unraveling under the pressure of American expansion. The author has a gift for placing believable and compelling words in the mouths of those long dead, and weaving it all into a story that keeps the reader entranced.”
—Brian Hogan, direct descendent of Dominique Rousseau

“Lynn enthusiastically embraces the concept of history as story. She combines bulldog determination to unearth truth with fair interpretation of events. Then she re-creates the multicultural, time-honored role of tribal historian/story teller. And who doesn’t love a good story?”
—Sigmund Brower, author of The Last Temple

Christmas Celebration

Christmas Celebration CoverIs Christmas something that has to be predictable, aimed only at kids, limited to one calendar day, and more trouble than it’s worth?

Everything needed for a fresh, invigorating approach to Christmas is found within these pages—stories, music, devotions, prayers, activities, even decorating and organizational tips.

“In her expansively creative book, Christmas Celebration, Lynn provides theology with flair, custom with uniqueness, and family unity with jubilation.”
—Dr. Dennis E. Hensley